Petition – Constitutional Amendment To the Pennsylvania Constitution Regarding Section 8

 It is up to the citizens to impress on the legislature their will to see the issue resolved.  Look in the right hand column at the top and click to sign the petition.  When you do, it will be emailed to all York County elected legislators and the leadership of the Pennsylvania State House and Senate.


Call For Constitutional Amendment To the Pennsylvania Constitution


It is clear the Pensylvania Legislature will not reform pensions and their own benfits without the intervention of citizens.  They have repeatedly failed to enact reforms to try to reforn an unsustainable pension system that is driving us deeper and deeper into bankruptcy.  Unless we, as taxpayers acto counter the overwhelming influence of uion campaign donations, nothing will change.  We owe it to our children and grandchildren to mobilize and force the necessary changes to the system to begin to right the ship of state that is sinking quickly under a mountain of debt.


Article 2, Section 8 of the Pennsylvania Constitution passed in 1874 says this:


The members of the General Assembly shall receive such salary and per diem for regular and special sessions as shall be fixed by law, and no other compensation whatsoever, whether for service upon committee or otherwise. No member of either House shall during the term for which he may have been elected, receive any increase of salary, or mileage, under any law passed during such term.”

In 1874 there was no health insurance, there were no pensions.  It is clear the framers of that constitution intended only that the legislature should draw only salary and mileage as their compensation.  Of course, as legislatures who see ambiguity in their governance are wont to do, they have of course amended this on their own via statute.  They have in the process created a huge conflict of interest when it comes to the issues of compensation and benefits not only for the legislature but for the state government as well.  They can no longer sit as the objective representatives of the taxpayers interest.  Theirs come first and the main constituent of their power base, state employees come second.  That is why Pennsylvania is bankrupt today.  This conflict of interest led them to a huge increase in salary and benefits to themselves and the state employees in 2000 that has led us to the point where we are over $53 Billion dollars in debt…just on unfunded pension obligations.  The entire pension structure is clearly unsustainable, yet, the legislature refuses to act.

Pennsylvania also has the largest and most expensive legislature in the nation. They meet throughout the year (the only legislature that does so).  Four states meet only bi-annually, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and Texas, many would argue these states are bastions of personal liberty and economic vibrancy while Pennsylvania has a sluggish economy, a confiscatory property tax system and declining populations.  We can never fix what issues we have to face without changing the dynamic of having a legislature that has forgotten its limitations and to whom it owes its fealty.  Therefore, The York 912 Patriots are putting forth the following petition for all Pennsylvanian’s to express their wishes.


Petition – For a Constitutional Amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution


Wherefore the Legislature of the State of Pennsylvania has transgressed the authority granted it under Article 2, Section 8 of the Constitution of 1864.

Whereas, the citizens of Pennsylvania are entitled to first loyalty by their elected officials.

Whereas, the Legislature of Pennsylvania has brought financial danger and ruin by seeking to increase the wealth of its members by its own votes to the detriment of all Pennsylvania citizens.

The citizens do hereby demand the legislature either place on the ballot for the people to decide, an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution:

Article 2 Section 8 is amended as follows:


The members of the General Assembly shall receive only such salary as is authorized by law as exists at the time of their election, and fixed per diem expenses for regular and special sessions as amounting to the amount of $200.00 per day for all districts located more than 60 miles by direct line from the capital to their nearest border, limited to the maximum of $ 30,000.00 per fiscal year.  In the event that no budget shall be passed by the legislature and allowed to become law by the Governor prior to August 1st , the salaries and all other  reimbursement of legislators, the Governor and all appointed Cabinet Officers  and Department Officers shall be suspended until the budget shall be passed and become effective in law.   No legislator will receive any increase to his pay and benefits throughout his elected career, save the usual adjustments to Health benefits during their term.

From this date forward, no elected member of the Legislature, the Governor and any Cabinet member shall be entitled to any form of pension benefit or retirement compensation tied to their service as an elected official, nor shall they be entitled to any benefits of health, death or accidental death insurance for any period other than the period during which they are sworn as official elected representatives of the State of Pennsylvania. No elected official may receive an increase in pay or reimbursement during any uninterrupted term of their service, extending to subsequent reelections.”

 It is up to the citizens to impress on the legislature their will to see the issue resolved.  Look in the right hand column at the top and click to sign the petition.  When you do, it will be emailed to all York County elected legislators and the leadership of the Pennsylvania State House and Senate.


Thursday December 12th, Dr. Charles Clough and The Global Warming Hoax.

When:  Thursday December 10th, 2015

Where:  The Shiloh Fire Hall, 2190 Carlisle Avenue  Link to Map

Time:  7:00 PM start


Read this post at the Cornwall Alliance Website.  See how Obama’s Bureacracy is committing fraoud on the American public in pursuit of one world government:


Dr. Chales Clough is a retired Army Officer trained in weather and an ordained minister with a calling to speak on the issue of goosd stewardhsip over the earth the Lord made us and the growing alramism over the declared crisis of man made global warming.  Dr. Clough will be our guest speaker Thursday December 10th at 7:00 PM;

This is his background:

Retired Lt Col USAF Reserve (Weather Officer)

Retired Chief, US Army Atmospheric Effects Team, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

BS Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MS Atmospheric Science, Texas Tech University

Please come and join us.  The World is on fire because of the incompetence of Obama’s and Clinton’s foreign policy.  Obama’s only response if if we have a global government and carbon tax, we can defear terrorism.

Dr. Clough was brought to us by the Cornwall Alliance.  The Cornwall alliance is a faith based organization dedicated to educating people on the real issue of stewardship over the environment and the need to place it context of its relationship to the plight of the poor.  According to the Corwall Alliance website:

“We conduct research; write papers and articles on current issues related to the environment, economic development, and the Christian faith as it relates to those issues; provide speakers for churches, colleges, schools, and conferences; provide expert testimony on pending legislation and regulation for governing bodies; advise and consult with Christian leaders from around the world; and produce books and videos to educate the public.”

As you read this, Obama is trying to lead the Unites States down a path that will destroy our soverignty and make your family poorer by transfering your hard earned wealth to other nations, all on the false premise that the earth is warming dangerously…all because your are selfish.  We must stand and roll back this attemp on Obama’s part to destroy our sovereignty as a nation and repudiate the haox of Global Warming caused by mankind. Watch the video:


Join Us November 12th, Thursday Evening – Congressman Scott Perry

Join Us and Congressman Scott Perry Thursday November 12th at 7:00 PM.

York 912 Patriots small logo


Congressman Scott Perry

Congressman Scott Perry will be with us on Thursday, November 12th to update you on the happenings in Washington.   There is much you need to focus on:


  • Raising the debt limit – just say no, cut the spending.
  • Funding Planned Parenthood, – just say no, save an innocent life.
  • Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership.
  • Block the arrogant actions of a rogue President in the last year of his Presidency.


Make sure you are there to hear Congressman Perry.  Congressman Perry has always been accessable and open to all the constituents in his district.  Welcome him and come and express your views.  He values them.


When:  Thursday November 12th

Where:  Shiloh Fire Hall – 2109 Carlisle Rd, Dover.

Time.:  Doors open at 6:30 PM

On a personal note.  Congressman Perry has been representing you exactly in accord with the conservative principles that he has declared as the basis of his representaion of the District.  More than anything, we need a full room to thank him.


This is a link to the map to the Shiloh Fire Hall


Be there, Thursday, November 12th.  Bring a friend, bring a family member, Bring two.

Regular Monthly Meeting for October, The Faith and Freedom Coalition and The Speakers Race

The York 912 Patriots will host their monthly meeting at the Shiloh Fire Hall, 2190 Carlisle Road in York, about a mile north from their old location at the Wyndam Garden, on Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.  The featured speaker will be Larry Denver, co-founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition of Pennsylvania, a faith-based organization that works to create an active and engaged citizenry across the state. The discussion topic for the evening will be “The Intersection of Faith and Civic Duty.” Additional information about the Faith and Freedom Coalition of Pennsylvania can be found at  This meeting is free and open to the public.

Founded in August of 2009, the York 912 Patriots are a group of non-partisan Patriots committed to the Constitution of the United States, as established by the Founders, who work peacefully to promote a government free from tyranny and a government whose powers are derived from the consent of the governed.  More information about the York 912 Patriots can be found on the website at  We will discuss the things that all of you can do to make an impact.  We will also discuss what is important for you to do regarding the upcoming speakers race  triggered by the resignation by John Boehner.


We will also vote on the revised Bylaws.  This issue was tabled to this meeting on a vote of the members.

Free Michelle Obama Lunch For Billionaire Space Creatures – York 912 Patriots

Call it Bailouts For Hungry Billionaire Space Creatures! Free Michelle Obama Lunch For Billionaire Space Creatures.
The Central York School District has been considering implementing a summertime school lunch program.  It would be subsidized by ALL York county taxpayers since it is funded by the Federal Government. Of course, they will not pay all the costs so CYSD taxpayers will directly subsidize some portion of the program.    But hey, a free Michelle Obama lunch for billionaires is the norm these days.

Here are the programs eligibility requirements:

You must be a humanoid organism, pesumably a citizen of this solar system, who can document your age to be under 19.

Yes, that is all.  Your income is irrelevant, your place of residence is irrelevant, you could be the child of a billionaire, visting from California and all you have to do is show up and claim you are under 19 and demand your free meal.  His billionaire parents should take heart.  This is actually a free daycare program of sorts.  The CYSD will have to provide a daily activiy, probably something like readings from Barack Obama’s treatise on why it is necessary we all become dependent on government.  By the way, the grant program also requires the CYSD to hold harmless and defend the Federal Government from any liability arising out of the program.  If the billionaire space person should choke on a bone, they will be on the hook for the liability.

The census bureau statistics claim only 9.2% of the county recives SNAP benefits, only 10% of residents live under the poverty line.  The average household income in the CYSD is over $60,000.00 annually.  So why do Mr. Snell, the Superintendent and Michael Wagner, School Board Member, think this is such a good idea.  They think adding billions more to the deficit, currently over $18.0 trillion dollars, to feed them a menu designed by Michelle Obama, is better for them than teaching them to be independent adults.

Call the district  – 717-846-6789, tell them you oppose this foolsih waste of money.  Also email:

Mr. Snell the Superintendent at :

Tell him to once and for all end the speculation on this program and declare it dead officially.

Attached to this email you will find a copy of the flyer issued on this by the CYSD in April.  It does seem as though they may be trying to sneak this through.  The agenda for tomorrow night seeks authorization to employ some staff people from the schools they intend to host this program to work in the summer.  Call Monday or better yet, come to the meeting at:

775 Marion Road, York, PA 17406
Monday night, 7:15 PM.

PA Unions Looking to Buy Supreme Court Seats

PA Unions Want To Own the Supreme Court

Just follow the money.  PA Unions Looking to Buy Supreme Court Seats . This graphic shows the desperation and lfting strength of the PA unions in politics.  They have an inordinate pile of money to purchase the seats they think most important.  They are well on track to accomplishing this in the PA Supreme Court races if you do not study the candidates.  Might make more sense to pick from the candidates with the least money in this case.  This is from this story at Politics PA.

If this is how we are going to handle judicial races, it is time we make them run every four years.



[hide]Pre-primary campaign finance[18]
Candidate Party Cash on hand ($) Highest contribution ($) Contributor(s)
Kevin M. Dougherty Electiondot.pngDemocratic 584,666.22 100,000 Local Union #98 I.B.E.W. Committee On Political Education
David N. Wecht Electiondot.pngDemocratic 546,220.24 25,000 Daniel Berger, Attorney
Michael A. George Ends.pngRepublican 508,459.63 500,000 Gary Lowenthal, Founder, Boyds Bears
John H. Foradora Electiondot.pngDemocratic 391,074.05 100,000 John H. Foradora
Anne Lazarus Electiondot.pngDemocratic 262,093.08 75,000 Anne Lazarus
Christine Donohue Electiondot.pngDemocratic 184,727.00 5,000 Commonwealth Heritage PAC, I.B.E.W. Local 5, Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel and 13 individual donors
Anne Covey Ends.pngRepublican 56,540.38 25,000 PA Future Fund
Correale Stevens Ends.pngRepublican 44,101.58 5,000 Pennsylvania Society of Physicians Assistants, Gillespie, Miscavige, Ferdinand & Baranko LLC and four individual donors
Dwayne D. Woodruff Electiondot.pngDemocratic 29,514.80 5,000 Arthur J. Rooney II, President, Pittsburgh Steelers Football Club
Cheryl Lynn Allen Ends.pngRepublican 17,135.00 10,000 Eldora Ellison, Retired
Judith Olson Ends.pngRepublican 842.06 1,000 Carl G. Grefenstette, Director, Hillman Foundation
Rebecca L. Warren Ends.pngRepublican -2,668.35 5,000 Rebecca L. Warren

Full List of Candidates On May 19 Ballot – York 912 Patriots

Join us for a candidate forum and meet and greet:


Date(s) – 04/02/15
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

York Holiday Inn Conference Center


Also, announcing the kickoff fo our 2015 Patriot Raffle.  Tickets are available now, here on the website, and at the meeting on Thursday night.  For full details click the button below:

2015 Patriot Raffle


This is a spreadsheet with the full list of candidates on the May 19 ballot challenging for nominations.  There is a challenge to the petitions presented by Steve Chronister in process in the courts.  Watch for updates on that ongoing process.  If you scroll to the bottom of the list to the gray toolbar below the blue bar, you can download it; or display it in full screen mode by clicking the icon on the far right side of the gray bar.  Please note we will be having candidate forums on April 2nd and May

Link to April 2nd Candidate Forum Event

Link to May 7th Candidate Forum Event

Join us and get to know the candidates that seek govern you in the next few years..


Meeting Summary – December 2014

December Meeting of the York 912 Patriots


On December 11th, we held our regular meeting.  The meeting focused on explaining the structure and functioning of the school board governance mechanism in York County and Common Core.  These are critical issues as we move towards the election season.  All school districts are struggling to manage their obligations, restraining the growth in spending and the resultant increases in property taxes.  The trends regarding both, are unsustainable in nearly every school district in the county.  Nearly all are headed in the same direction fiscally as York City schools.  Without serious pension and benfeit reform on the state level, the path will end in bankruptcy for all.  It is just a matter of when  Unless you are happy with confiscatory school property taxes, the only fix is for concerned people to get involved in the oversight of the governance of the schools in York County.

At the same time, schools are pressured with pensions and benefits for retirees, the state, along with over 40 other states sold their sovereignty over education policy to the Federal Government by adopting the Common Core State Standards and all the attendant mandates contained in Obama’s Race To The Top.  While Pennsylvania was unsuccessful in receiving an award of Race To The Top funds, it acceptd the Common Core,and many of the mandates of Race To The Top,  to obtain a waiver from provisions of the No Child Left Behind Federal law of Ted Kennedy.  They did this because those provisions were unachievable, but carried heavy penalties for not complying with the requirements.  This was the mechansim that Obama used to foist on states who were not successful in competing for Race To The Top Funds.  In the end, the mandates that were imposed on Pennsylvania and all the other states are far more costly than than any penalty they would have faced for not achieving those requirements in the No Child Left Behind law.  The cost to the taxpayer will be huge.  In Florida, which received a bribe of $700 million dollars to sell their sovereignty over education to Obama, the cost of the digital learning mandate alone now is pegged at over $3.0 billion dollars, yes that is BILLION!  In St, Johns County, that cost was pegged at $92.0 million dollars over 5 years.  St. Johns County received a total of $1.0 million dollars in RTTT funds yet, by LAW, they now are required to spedn that $92.0 million dollars to comply.  York county will face similar costs.  Are you ready to pay it?

The real problem here is that now, the education of our children has become a centrally planned domain, designed by people unelected in our community, wholly unnaccountable and inaccessible.  Of course the results will be a distaster just like Amtrak and the USPS.  The reality is that Commn Core and Race To The Top are Obamacre for Education.

We are are going to continue to focus on Common Core and the states adoption of the mandates of Race to The Top in the coming months.  We are also going to focus on providin you with clear steps to take to make your voices heard on this issue and all the other issues revovling around our schools.  But your message to your elected officials in this regard needs to loud and clear:

Stop selling our sovereignty over local governance for grant monies, stop destroying my parental rights by surrendering control to the Federal government on education!

School governance belongs at the local level.  We pay for the bulk of the expenses to educate our children.  We will teach them our way.  We will tech them what we know and believe is most important.  The Coomon Core is being used to institute indoctrination into Social Justice and the ways of the United Nations Millenial Goals which is huge government, redistributing wealth and power away from the individual to all powerfull government.  It is tyranny and socialism all at once.  Watch the video and then look at some of the links below:


See this video on a “Common Core Aligned” curriculum product:

Sites with information explaining Common Core:


Utahans Against Common Core

Pennsylvanians Restoring Education webpage about datamining



Hillsdale College, Podcast Course, Constitution 201 – York 912 Patriots

Hillsdale College’s – The US Constitution 201


Below are links to the free course from Hillsdale College.  Our thanks to them for making these publicly available.  We hope you will support them by donating to them at  Hillsdale takes no Federal money.  None of its students are attending on student loans or grants.


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Hillsdale College, Podcast Course, Constitution 101 – York 912 Patriots

Hillsdale College’s – The US Constitution 101


Below are links to the free course from Hillsdale College.  Our thanks to them for making these publicly available.  We hope you will support them by donating to them at  Hillsdale takes no Federal money.  None of its students are attending on student loans or grants.


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]