Free Michelle Obama Lunch For Billionaire Space Creatures – York 912 Patriots

Call it Bailouts For Hungry Billionaire Space Creatures! Free Michelle Obama Lunch For Billionaire Space Creatures.
The Central York School District has been considering implementing a summertime school lunch program.  It would be subsidized by ALL York county taxpayers since it is funded by the Federal Government. Of course, they will not pay all the costs so CYSD taxpayers will directly subsidize some portion of the program.    But hey, a free Michelle Obama lunch for billionaires is the norm these days.

Here are the programs eligibility requirements:

You must be a humanoid organism, pesumably a citizen of this solar system, who can document your age to be under 19.

Yes, that is all.  Your income is irrelevant, your place of residence is irrelevant, you could be the child of a billionaire, visting from California and all you have to do is show up and claim you are under 19 and demand your free meal.  His billionaire parents should take heart.  This is actually a free daycare program of sorts.  The CYSD will have to provide a daily activiy, probably something like readings from Barack Obama’s treatise on why it is necessary we all become dependent on government.  By the way, the grant program also requires the CYSD to hold harmless and defend the Federal Government from any liability arising out of the program.  If the billionaire space person should choke on a bone, they will be on the hook for the liability.

The census bureau statistics claim only 9.2% of the county recives SNAP benefits, only 10% of residents live under the poverty line.  The average household income in the CYSD is over $60,000.00 annually.  So why do Mr. Snell, the Superintendent and Michael Wagner, School Board Member, think this is such a good idea.  They think adding billions more to the deficit, currently over $18.0 trillion dollars, to feed them a menu designed by Michelle Obama, is better for them than teaching them to be independent adults.

Call the district  – 717-846-6789, tell them you oppose this foolsih waste of money.  Also email:

Mr. Snell the Superintendent at :

Tell him to once and for all end the speculation on this program and declare it dead officially.

Attached to this email you will find a copy of the flyer issued on this by the CYSD in April.  It does seem as though they may be trying to sneak this through.  The agenda for tomorrow night seeks authorization to employ some staff people from the schools they intend to host this program to work in the summer.  Call Monday or better yet, come to the meeting at:

775 Marion Road, York, PA 17406
Monday night, 7:15 PM.