Thursday December 12th, Dr. Charles Clough and The Global Warming Hoax.

When:  Thursday December 10th, 2015

Where:  The Shiloh Fire Hall, 2190 Carlisle Avenue  Link to Map

Time:  7:00 PM start


Read this post at the Cornwall Alliance Website.  See how Obama’s Bureacracy is committing fraoud on the American public in pursuit of one world government:


Dr. Chales Clough is a retired Army Officer trained in weather and an ordained minister with a calling to speak on the issue of goosd stewardhsip over the earth the Lord made us and the growing alramism over the declared crisis of man made global warming.  Dr. Clough will be our guest speaker Thursday December 10th at 7:00 PM;

This is his background:

Retired Lt Col USAF Reserve (Weather Officer)

Retired Chief, US Army Atmospheric Effects Team, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

BS Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MS Atmospheric Science, Texas Tech University

Please come and join us.  The World is on fire because of the incompetence of Obama’s and Clinton’s foreign policy.  Obama’s only response if if we have a global government and carbon tax, we can defear terrorism.

Dr. Clough was brought to us by the Cornwall Alliance.  The Cornwall alliance is a faith based organization dedicated to educating people on the real issue of stewardship over the environment and the need to place it context of its relationship to the plight of the poor.  According to the Corwall Alliance website:

“We conduct research; write papers and articles on current issues related to the environment, economic development, and the Christian faith as it relates to those issues; provide speakers for churches, colleges, schools, and conferences; provide expert testimony on pending legislation and regulation for governing bodies; advise and consult with Christian leaders from around the world; and produce books and videos to educate the public.”

As you read this, Obama is trying to lead the Unites States down a path that will destroy our soverignty and make your family poorer by transfering your hard earned wealth to other nations, all on the false premise that the earth is warming dangerously…all because your are selfish.  We must stand and roll back this attemp on Obama’s part to destroy our sovereignty as a nation and repudiate the haox of Global Warming caused by mankind. Watch the video: