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PA Unions Looking to Buy Supreme Court Seats

PA Unions Want To Own the Supreme Court

Just follow the money.  PA Unions Looking to Buy Supreme Court Seats . This graphic shows the desperation and lfting strength of the PA unions in politics.  They have an inordinate pile of money to purchase the seats they think most important.  They are well on track to accomplishing this in the PA Supreme Court races if you do not study the candidates.  Might make more sense to pick from the candidates with the least money in this case.  This is from this story at Politics PA.

If this is how we are going to handle judicial races, it is time we make them run every four years.



[hide]Pre-primary campaign finance[18]
Candidate Party Cash on hand ($) Highest contribution ($) Contributor(s)
Kevin M. Dougherty Electiondot.pngDemocratic 584,666.22 100,000 Local Union #98 I.B.E.W. Committee On Political Education
David N. Wecht Electiondot.pngDemocratic 546,220.24 25,000 Daniel Berger, Attorney
Michael A. George Ends.pngRepublican 508,459.63 500,000 Gary Lowenthal, Founder, Boyds Bears
John H. Foradora Electiondot.pngDemocratic 391,074.05 100,000 John H. Foradora
Anne Lazarus Electiondot.pngDemocratic 262,093.08 75,000 Anne Lazarus
Christine Donohue Electiondot.pngDemocratic 184,727.00 5,000 Commonwealth Heritage PAC, I.B.E.W. Local 5, Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel and 13 individual donors
Anne Covey Ends.pngRepublican 56,540.38 25,000 PA Future Fund
Correale Stevens Ends.pngRepublican 44,101.58 5,000 Pennsylvania Society of Physicians Assistants, Gillespie, Miscavige, Ferdinand & Baranko LLC and four individual donors
Dwayne D. Woodruff Electiondot.pngDemocratic 29,514.80 5,000 Arthur J. Rooney II, President, Pittsburgh Steelers Football Club
Cheryl Lynn Allen Ends.pngRepublican 17,135.00 10,000 Eldora Ellison, Retired
Judith Olson Ends.pngRepublican 842.06 1,000 Carl G. Grefenstette, Director, Hillman Foundation
Rebecca L. Warren Ends.pngRepublican -2,668.35 5,000 Rebecca L. Warren

Full List of Candidates On May 19 Ballot – York 912 Patriots

Join us for a candidate forum and meet and greet:


Date(s) – 04/02/15
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

York Holiday Inn Conference Center


Also, announcing the kickoff fo our 2015 Patriot Raffle.  Tickets are available now, here on the website, and at the meeting on Thursday night.  For full details click the button below:

2015 Patriot Raffle


This is a spreadsheet with the full list of candidates on the May 19 ballot challenging for nominations.  There is a challenge to the petitions presented by Steve Chronister in process in the courts.  Watch for updates on that ongoing process.  If you scroll to the bottom of the list to the gray toolbar below the blue bar, you can download it; or display it in full screen mode by clicking the icon on the far right side of the gray bar.  Please note we will be having candidate forums on April 2nd and May

Link to April 2nd Candidate Forum Event

Link to May 7th Candidate Forum Event

Join us and get to know the candidates that seek govern you in the next few years..


To Endorse or Not to Endorse – Party Actions Irreconcilable


To Endorse or Not to Endorse

To Endorse or Not to Endorse; Is that the Question?On January 28th, 2012 the Pennsylvania’s Republican State Committee will convene in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for their
annual winter meeting. One of the questions placed before the members will be whether or not to endorse candidates?
Hopefully, committee members will carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of endorsing.
Common reasons given by Pennsylvania Republican State Committee members who support the endorsement process are:”It is our job as a committee person.”
“We are vetting the candidates.”
“The voters won’t know who to vote for if we don’t endorse.”
“Some financial backers will only donate to the endorsed candidates.”Candidates who win the endorsement benefit by being able to claim that they are the “endorsed candidate” of the Republican Party.
They also benefit by gaining access to party resources such as data, professional advice and financial support. While this is a
tremendous advantage to the candidate, endorsement is not what is best for the Republican Party and the election process.

Candidates who fail to win endorsement are often, if not customarily, shunned by party leadership. A case in point is the February
23, 2011 memorandum from the Republican Party of Pennsylvania which was sent to county chairs regarding county party cooperation
for endorsed candidates which stated: “…As a partner in this process, the State Party counts on our county committees to assist
our endorsed ticket in every way possible…. As members of the PA GOP and leaders in of county party, we request that you strictly
enforce the following longstanding traditions:

   Only candidates endorsed by the PA GOP should be recognized and/or allowed to speak at official events such as
county dinners, endorsement meetings, candidate forums, etc. Endorsed candidates and staff should be able to attend
gatherings as complimentary guests. (NOTE contradiction between points 1 and 2.)
All candidates for statewide office that attend a Republican Party function in your county should be given time to speak
–  if only for a brief period of time.

County Chairs, county party staff and county party members should only be circulating petitions for statewide candidates
who have been endorsed by the PA GOP.

County Chairs, county party staff and county party members should only be distributing materials for candidates that
have been endorsed by the PA GOP.

“County Chairs should decline any promotion materials from non-endorsed candidates.”

Such tactics nullify the concept of a free and open primary. Furthermore, candidates who remain in the election after failing to
receive endorsement are often the subject of attack ads funded by the Republican Party which are far more damaging than attacks
by an opponent. This is an official denunciation by the Republican Party which should be supporting a field of qualified candidates.
Such attacks against candidates damage their chances of winning in the general election and may also damage them in future
elections. Wasn’t Ronald Reagan’s eleventh commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican”?
Only three states endorse candidates before the primary: Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. One member of Pennsylvania’s
State Ccommittee recently interviewed political directors, state party liaisons and executive staff in other states. She inquired why
their state party chose not to endorse before the primary. Some of their responses are:

“We want to show unity at the state level.”

“It is important that we maintain a level of trust and respect with the leadership, the rest of the party and the voters.”

“Endorsement angers the grassroots people and we want them to be involved.”

“If the endorsed candidate doesn’t win the election, it looks bad for the leadership and hurts the party.”

“We want to be able to support all Republicans that run for office…..when you endorse, you run the risk of turning good
people away.”

It just isn’t the right thing to do…..not the principled thing to do. The people should be able to decide, not the party. Most of the time the party leaders just pick their friends and that is not letting the people decide.

The disadvantages of the endorsement process far outweigh the benefits. Committee members are guardians of a sacred trust;
elected by the citizens of their senatorial district to facilitate the political process, and to assist qualified Republican candidates, not
to narrow the playing field. Endorsements before the primary divide the party and waste precious resources. The purpose of the
primary is to allow the voters to decide which candidate is worthy of running in the general election. By trying to narrow the
primary contests to single candidates, the Pennsylvania GOP is subverting the primary process. Controlled endorsements
before the primary: clip the wings of fellow Republicans; frustrate the electorate; divide the party; waste precious resources;
and undermine our conservative principles of equality and freedom. This is not a game; the stakes are high.

State Committee Members, Allegheny County, Jim and Sue Means, 3485 South Park Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102 412-854-4188