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Meeting Summary – December 2014

December Meeting of the York 912 Patriots


On December 11th, we held our regular meeting.  The meeting focused on explaining the structure and functioning of the school board governance mechanism in York County and Common Core.  These are critical issues as we move towards the election season.  All school districts are struggling to manage their obligations, restraining the growth in spending and the resultant increases in property taxes.  The trends regarding both, are unsustainable in nearly every school district in the county.  Nearly all are headed in the same direction fiscally as York City schools.  Without serious pension and benfeit reform on the state level, the path will end in bankruptcy for all.  It is just a matter of when  Unless you are happy with confiscatory school property taxes, the only fix is for concerned people to get involved in the oversight of the governance of the schools in York County.

At the same time, schools are pressured with pensions and benefits for retirees, the state, along with over 40 other states sold their sovereignty over education policy to the Federal Government by adopting the Common Core State Standards and all the attendant mandates contained in Obama’s Race To The Top.  While Pennsylvania was unsuccessful in receiving an award of Race To The Top funds, it acceptd the Common Core,and many of the mandates of Race To The Top,  to obtain a waiver from provisions of the No Child Left Behind Federal law of Ted Kennedy.  They did this because those provisions were unachievable, but carried heavy penalties for not complying with the requirements.  This was the mechansim that Obama used to foist on states who were not successful in competing for Race To The Top Funds.  In the end, the mandates that were imposed on Pennsylvania and all the other states are far more costly than than any penalty they would have faced for not achieving those requirements in the No Child Left Behind law.  The cost to the taxpayer will be huge.  In Florida, which received a bribe of $700 million dollars to sell their sovereignty over education to Obama, the cost of the digital learning mandate alone now is pegged at over $3.0 billion dollars, yes that is BILLION!  In St, Johns County, that cost was pegged at $92.0 million dollars over 5 years.  St. Johns County received a total of $1.0 million dollars in RTTT funds yet, by LAW, they now are required to spedn that $92.0 million dollars to comply.  York county will face similar costs.  Are you ready to pay it?

The real problem here is that now, the education of our children has become a centrally planned domain, designed by people unelected in our community, wholly unnaccountable and inaccessible.  Of course the results will be a distaster just like Amtrak and the USPS.  The reality is that Commn Core and Race To The Top are Obamacre for Education.

We are are going to continue to focus on Common Core and the states adoption of the mandates of Race to The Top in the coming months.  We are also going to focus on providin you with clear steps to take to make your voices heard on this issue and all the other issues revovling around our schools.  But your message to your elected officials in this regard needs to loud and clear:

Stop selling our sovereignty over local governance for grant monies, stop destroying my parental rights by surrendering control to the Federal government on education!

School governance belongs at the local level.  We pay for the bulk of the expenses to educate our children.  We will teach them our way.  We will tech them what we know and believe is most important.  The Coomon Core is being used to institute indoctrination into Social Justice and the ways of the United Nations Millenial Goals which is huge government, redistributing wealth and power away from the individual to all powerfull government.  It is tyranny and socialism all at once.  Watch the video and then look at some of the links below:


See this video on a “Common Core Aligned” curriculum product:

Sites with information explaining Common Core:


Utahans Against Common Core

Pennsylvanians Restoring Education webpage about datamining



Common Core Race To The Top Primer – York 912 Patriots

Common Core and Race To The Top – A Primer


The confusion surrounding Common Core and Race to The Top is not unintentional. Whenever government or idealogues seek to grab power, they confuse the issue, re-direct and criticize the opposing voices as “unreasonable” or “hysterical”.  It is no different with the underlying issues represented by these two terms which is, Federal Government control over education policy.  These videos lay out the issue very logically and in an easy to understand fashio.  Once you grasp the central issue, that Race To The Top and Common Core State Standards were the mechanism used by Obama to sieze control over your child’s education, you can start to delve into the very deeper and in many cases darker implications of the issue such as:


  • Using education policy to create and all intrusive national identy database
  • Using education policy for central planning of the economy
  • Redistribution of wealth via educational resources

Start with these videos.  Watch for other posts that will highlight some of the other issues.  Eventually we will have a download library with documents you can view to see the real agenda of the proponents and the Federal Government when it comes to your children’s and grandchildren’s future.  The video were developed by the Jane Robbins and The american Principles Project.

Jane Robbins is an attorney and a senior fellow with the American Principles Project in Washington, DC. In that position she has crafted federal and state legislation designed to restore the constitutional autonomy of states and parents in education policy, and to protect the rights of religious freedom and conscience. Her essays on these topics have been published in various print and online media. With Emmett McGroarty she co-authored the APP/Pioneer Institute report, Controlling Education From the Top: Why Common Core Is Bad for America. She has published numerous articles about the problems with Common Core, including those of intrusive data-collection and threats to student privacy, and has testified about these issues before the legislatures of nine states. She is a graduate of Clemson University and the Harvard Law School.

Jane Robbins Part 1


Jane Robbins Part 2

Jane Robbins Part 3

Jane Robbins Part 4


Jane Robbins Part 5