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The Ultimately Destructive Power Of Special Interest Money

 Special Interest Money

This is just one snippet of the many union contributions that were received by former Senate Republican Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi in this election cycle.  Most interesting, is that senator Pileggi was not up for re-election this year.  So just what was this special interest money intended for?  Was it payback for blocking pension reform?  Obstructing the privatization efforts of Governor Corbett?  In either event, this money was used by the Majority Leader to further the very narrow interests of the few at the expense of the citizens as a whole.  Three other Philly area Republicans also received large chunks of money this year.

Union Donations to Repubs

There were many other donations Pileggi received from unions.  The power and sway of the PSEA money is legendary, they own politicians on all sides.  They will eventually come to regret that power and sway because it will, at some point, as we see in York City, blowback and severely damage those too greedy to bend to address the very real and unsustainable financial burdens placed on taxpayers in Pennsylvania.  We will see slower growth, fewer jobs and an increasing public welfare burden.  We already are suffereing massive tax increases on an annual basis to try float the Titanic of public employee pensions (Scanton has announced a 19% increase in property taxes for 2015).  Soon, it will no longer make sense for people to try to remain in their homes in PA and they will flee for friendlier climes like Florida, Texas and South Carolina.  Their children, our best and brightest will graduate from college in PA and move on to where the jobs are, deepening the death spiral.  The truth is, PA is on the same path as Detroit and Illinois and California.  With a $47 billion dollar unfunded pension obligation (stolen by politicans in the  dead of night in 2001), we face a declining standard of living, enslaved to the greed of unions leaders who bleed their members dry while they preside over the destruction of their pensions.  This WILL correct itself.  The only question to be answered is, at what a cost?

Perhaps there is a glimmer of hope in the change of leadership in the Senate.  Dominic Pilleggi is no longer in a position to obstruct the very real and very necessary reforms needed to preserve the ability of the PA economy to prosper.  We hope the new leadership will recognize the imperatives before us.  On the other had, just how long will it take the Unions to adjust strategy and divert their checks to the new leadership?  What is critical is that we break the destructive enslavement of politicans, union money has become over the common sense that should govern the development of policy in the legislature.  We need the passage of Paycheck Protection and the return to a balanced approach in governing the affairs of the citizens of PA.  All of us are entitled to the attention and best intentions of our elected officials…even if we cannot afford to send thousands of dollars in donations. Write your representative and ask them to support Paycheck Protection in the next Legislature.

It is also critically important that you know who and what is influencing your legislator.  For that you have to follow the money.  Literally that is the website.  Visit it here.







Finally, it is true that money causes great imbalances inpower and influence.  There is a simple, tried and true method to counter that that can rebalance.  It requires committment and a devotion of your time and interest.  Come, join us, we will show you that you can do to take back control over your future and your children’s future prosperity and freedom.

Pileggi Carpenters Union Donations

School Taxes Destroying Family Wealth


The current situation in Pennsylvania regarding funding for education has become a corrosive and unsustainable plague on many families.  The burden falling on property owners to finance school budgets, beset with benefits and pensions that are out of control and governed by state provisions, local boards have little to no control over.  Since 2008, local school boards have been hiking millage rates nearly every year and at rates that could cause local taxes to increase at rates that taxpayers cannot keep up with.

Tax Comparison 2001 to 2012 York School Districts

If you doubt this, look at this link.  You will be shocked to see the current listing of tax claims for York County.  The listing of claims with some level of delinquency is shocking.  It runs over 1,700 pages.  Yes, 1,700 pages..  If you think this is not destructive to an economy, you are hoping against hope.  We cannot afford to allow this to continue.  Join us December 4th at the Holiday Inn in West York.  We are going to discuss what must be done to bring sanity and respect for private property rights back into the taxing decisions of local School Districts.