Mission Statement:  The York 912 Patriots is a group of Patriots committed to the Constitution of the United States, as established by the Founders, who work peacefully to promote a government free from tyranny and a government whose powers are derived from the consent of the governed.


What Can You Do For Liberty Today?

Say NO to Common Core in Pennsylvania today!  Sign the petition here.

Please contact the following people and ask them to hold House Education Committee hearings on Common Core:

E-mail the PA Secretary of Education, William Harner at ra-educationsecretary@pa.gov

Click here for contact information for the House Education Committee Members.

Find Your Legislators Here

Ask these questions of your Representative and Senator

  1. Ask to see the cost analysis on Common Core. What will this cost us and where the money is coming from? According to the Pioneer Institute, full implementation in PA will cost $650 million.
  2. If you, the parents, or taxpayer, are unhappy with the standards how can they be amended? 
  3. Ask to see the scientific studies upon which the academic foundations of Common Core rest.
  4. Ask to opt your child out of the data tracking system (P20w Longitudinal System). What is the process?
  5. Ask if they would be willing to introduce a bill to halt Common Core in Pennsylvania and give local control to districts to set their own high standards?

What can you expect?

Some legislators may tell you we’re “locked” in and there’s nothing that can be done. Don't stop asking!  Tell them Pennsylvania is not locked in because other states have legislation to remove Common Core from their state.

What can you expect?

Some may tell you we’re “locked” in and there’s nothing to be done. But don’t stop asking! Tell them Pennsylvania is not locked in because other states have pieces of legislation to remove common core from their state.

The website www.nopacommoncore.com has developed an excellent fact sheet to debunk the PDE “white paper” that many of our legislators are using to support their position on Common Core.  We encourage you to download it and send to your legislators.

Please download this one-page flyer on Common Core developed by the York 912 Patriots Education Committee.  Distribute this flyer to friends, neighbors, legislators, educators, etc.


Please click here to view the video on Common Core from our April 4th meeting.  

Common Core Meeting - April 4, 2013

What's happening in PA regarding Common Core?  These individual bills, which are in the process of accumulating co-sponsors, are as follows:

  • House Bill 1551 prevents further implementation of Common Core in Pennsylvania 60 days after being signed into law. 
  • House Bill 1552 exempts private, religious and home schools from Common Core standards.
  • House Bill 1553 prohibits the Pennsylvania Department of Education from imposing a national standardized assessment on any student in the Commonwealth.
  • House Bill 1554 prohibits transfer of individual student data to the federal government.
  • House Bill 1555 creates an advisory committee to conduct a study of Common Core standards prior to any implementation.

Questions about this or any other legislative issue may be directed to the members’ district offices as follows:

Rep. Stephen Bloom: (717) 249-1990

Rep. Rob Kauffman: (717) 264-3943 or (717) 532-1707

Rep. John Lawrence: 610-869-1602

Rep. Will Tallman: (717) 259-7805 or 1-877-480-9525

Please contact your representatives and ask them to co-sponsor this legislation.  Find Your Legislators Here

More information on Common Core:
 Interviews and articles:

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Please download the following Common Core flyer developed by the York 912 Patriots Education Committee to distribute to friends, neighbors, legislators, educators, etc: